What plus 4 equals 3/4?

Here we will show you how to find the answer to "What plus 4 equals 3/4?" In other words, x plus 4 equals 3/4. What is x?

First, note that 4 is a number and 3/4 is a fraction. You can convert the 4 to a fraction by making 4 the numerator and 1 the denominator. Thus, here is the question "What plus 4 equals 3/4?" as a function:

x  + 

Next, we move the 4/1 fraction from the left side to the right side to make x alone on the left side. Don't forget that when we move it to the other side, we have to make it a negative fraction instead of a positive fraction like so:

x  = 

Finally, we subtract 4/1 from 3/4 to get the answer to "What plus 4 equals 3/4?"

x  =   - 

That's it! Now you know how to calculate "What plus 4 equals 3/4?". The answer to "What plus 4 equals 3/4?" in its simplest form is -3 1/4. You know this answer is correct because 4 plus -3 1/4 equals 3/4.

Bonus: You may also be interested to know that the answer in decimal form is -3.25 (rounded to 4 decimal places if necessary). We calculated the decimal answer by dividing the numerator of the fraction answer by the denominator of the fraction answer (-13/4).

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