Skip Counting

Skip Counting

Normally, we would count by 1 like this: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Skip Counting means that you count by a number other than 1.

You can use the tool on this page for multiple purposes: When you enter a number below, we will show you how to count by that number, we will discuss counting patterns, and we will show you how to use the information you learned to get a better understanding of basic arithmetic operations.

Please enter a number below to get started.

Below are some popular skip counting examples.

Count by 6

Count by 3

Count by 5

Count by 8

Count by 4

Count by 12

Count by 7

Count by 2

Count by 9

Count by 10

Count by 50

Count by 100

Count by 500

Count by 1000

Count by 2500

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