What is 4/2 plus 29?

What is 4/2 plus 29? How to calculate 4/2 plus 29. Here we will show you step-by-step how to get the solution to "4/2 plus 29" which can be written as follows:

  +  29  

We start by labeling each part of the "4/2 plus 29" math problem above. The Numerator 4 is A, the Denominator 2 is B, and the Whole Number 29 is C:

  +  C  

We created a formula that specifically calculates Fraction Plus Whole Number problems such as "4/2 plus 29". Here is the formula:

A + BC

When we enter "4/2 plus 29" into our Fraction Plus Whole Number formula, we get the following:

4 + (2 x 29)

Next, we calculate the Numerator in the fraction above to get the following answer:


Finally, we simplify if necessary to get the answer to "4/2 plus 29" as follows:


That's it folks! Now you know how to calculate "4/2 plus 29". Once again, the answer to "4/2 + 29" is 31

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