What is 1/3 plus 2/5?

Here we will show you how to calculate 1/3 plus 2/5. We will give you the answer in fraction form and in decimal form.

We label the numbers in 1/3 plus 2/5 like this:

1/3 + 2/5 = A/B + C/D

We will use an adding fractions formula that does not require you to find the lowest common denominator to get the answer. The adding fractions formula is:

(AD + BC) / BD

When we fill in 1/3 plus 2/5 into the formula above, we get:

(1x5 + 3x2) / 3x5
(5 + 6) / 15

Thus, the answer to 1/3 plus 2/5 (simplified if necessary) in fraction form is as follows:


To get the answer to 1/3 plus 2/5 in decimal form, we simply divide the numerator by the denominator from our fraction answer:

11 / 15 = 0.7333

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